Research projects

My research is focused on advancing practical and theoretical knowledge in the area of health communication and intervention design. One research line is focused on analyzing how cancer patients and physicians or clinical staff communicate about cancer treatment or the opportunity to join clinical trials, and is grounded primarily in interpersonal communication theories. Another line of research is focused on developing and testing message strategies and message features such narratives and evocative visual images conveyed through multiple media such as animations, infographics, or games. This line of research is rooted in mass communication theories. My ultimate purpose for both these lines of research is to develop and evaluate evidence-based culturally-sensitive interventions. To reach this goal, I adopt a multidisciplinary approach and I collaborate with experts and with the individuals to which the interventions are directed. I use qualitative, quantitative, and participatory methods. Below you can find information on, and links to, the most recent research projects I have worked on.