Teaching is one of the most exciting parts of my job. The most rewarding moment of the semester is when I see my students connect all the information learned through the course and reformulate those ideas to create their own projects. In my perspective, this is learning: being able to question and find meaningful answers. To help my students succeed, I adopt multiple educational strategies and resources, and I introduce new stimuli and updated materials each semester. I do not have a single recipe to keep students' engagement high. Each session is flexible and responsive to the distinctive vibe of the class. My students know that I expect a lot from them. They also know that I am always available to answer questions, review drafts, develop a study plan, or explain concepts again. In my office they will always find a chocolate and a smile. We work together on their education, as a team.

These are the courses that I have taught and/or that I am teaching in this academic year:

  • COM 471 Introduction to Health Communication (University of Kentucky)
  • COM 482 Studies in Persuasion (University of Kentucky)


  • COS 343 Introduction to Intercultural Communication (University of Miami)
  • COS 427 Health Behavior and Risk (University of Miami)
  • COS 472 Persuasion (University of Miami)

"I am a planner, not just a dreamer"

-Aurora Occa