what I can provide

If you are a healthcare professional, manager, journalist, or student, this is the section for you. These are just some examples of the services and activities I can provide to you or consult you about.

Message design

If you are a physician, NGO organization, or company, I can help you developing messages to make your scientific content interesting, credible, and valuable.

Medical education

I conduct training programs to help healthcare professionals to communicate with their patients. You will improve your skills and better help your patients to digest complex information and adhere to treatments.


To educate individuals on health and prevention; to improve consumption of healthy foods; to talk about vaccines; to persuade people stop smoking, use condoms - I will create for you a media campaign or health intervention. From A to Z.

Patient engagement

There's no need to run away from tough conversations! I can help you open meaningful dialogue with your patients, establishing a connection and building trust.

Scientific writing

You need to catch individuals' attention but the information is very complex? I can write news articles and social media posts for your media outlet. Also, I can provide you with insights on how to read and write peer-reviewed articles in a professional manner.

Organizational Health Programs

Would you like to implement a health or science education program for your school, organization, or office? Let's schedule a meeting!

Digital services

Animations, games, infographics, mobile apps for your campaign? I can develop and evaluate the most adequate digital service for your needs.

Business communication & marketing

To improve your image, presence, and most importantly communication - essential components to provide high quality services and improve patients' and healthcare professionals' satisfaction.

My work process